Brand the Resistance

My name is Kate McMillan. I own a web design studio called Outbox Online, where I focus on Wordpress websites for authors, books, and entrepreneurs.

Recently, a friend contacted me because she's running for State Representative in Connecticut (my home state), and she wondered if I'd help create her campaign logo. I was delighted to offer my help, and the result is something I'm quite proud of:

Anne Hughes for Connecticut State Representative

As a supporter of Emily's List, and also organizations local to me like Emerge Oregon, it occured to me that other women running for office might need help too.

Finding a way to contribute to the future I'd like to see for our country in a way to leverages my strengths feels super great, and I want to help pay it forward.


So I'm offering my services, on a limited basis, for free to other female candidates in need of help.

Please make sure your participation is in compliance with your state's campaign finance laws.

Do you meet the following criteria?

  1. You're a woman.

  2. You're running for political office.

  3. You're a Democratic candidate.

  4. You're pro-choice.

  5. You consider yourself part of the #resistance movement.

  6. You need a campaign logo.

  7. You have limited resources.

If so, please contact me to talk about your logo needs:

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